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Treatment Options for Women Suffering from Low Libido Level.

Women are naturally prone to loss of libido in their lifetime. The reduction in sexual urge can bring about marital problems, and that’s why the problem should be rectified. Several causes of low libido level in women is due to things that naturally happen to them like menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth which results to blood loss. Blood is the key component that enables anyone to feel and respond to sexual stimuli and when its lost in huge amounts then the level of reception is dramatically low.
Response to sexual stimuli should be well received by the mind but when you have stress or depression then the process is inhibited and more especially to women that suffer from post-birth trauma. Estrogen is responsible for enhancing libido and when a woman gets older, the level of estrogen production reduces leading to reduced sexual urge.

Regardless of the cause of low libido in women, there are remedies in place to rectify the issue so that women can enjoy intimacy once again. There are two main ways of correcting the issue and they are natural ways and synthetic ones. It is advisable for both partners to participate in helping the woman to regain her libido level and so you can consider seeking medical attention together. When your partner is involved, the pressure reduces because they will start by understanding that the woman has an issue that could be rectified.

Knowing the cause of the condition will aid in rectifying the issue by getting a direct solution. People that consume a lot of alcohol and drugs could be affected by reduced sexual urge and in such a case, it can be cured if they stop or reduce the bad habits as there is need to change the lifestyle of the woman to make sure she has increased libido levels.

There are also some foods could help in increasing libido levels, and this includes eating healthy foods and avoiding processed foods as it will help the body in repairing worn out cells and tissues. Exercising is also a great way of getting energized and reducing stress, and you can try swimming, doing walks and hitting the gym if that’s comfortable for you.

Using herbal supplements like Dong Quai have been known to have a positive effect as it increases the supply of blood and vitamins that are helpful in libido improvement. The supplements have a lot of advantages including reducing the risk of anemia, blood sugar regulation and helping with blood pressure issues among others.
You can also consider doing hormone therapy which boosts the level of estrogen in the woman’s body responsible for several functions in the body that will boost the level of libido experienced. Hormones should not be bought over the counter but by a doctor’s prescription. The hormones can be taken in the form of gels, pills or injection and you can get induced with either natural or synthetic hormones like estrogen, progesterone and sometimes low levels of testosterone.

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